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Belly gives you the tools you need to engage and retain loyal customers.

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    Belly in the wild.

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    Why is Belly the World’s Best Loyalty Program?

    • Customized Rewards

      Give your loyal customers
      rewards they really want &
      can only get at your business.
    • Email Campaigns

      Digitally connect with your
      customers & drive them back
      with targeted emails.
    • Belly Bites

      Give Belly Members an
      exclusive offer to bring them
      into your business.
    • Social Exposure

      Gain Yelp reviews & grow
      your Facebook presence with
      in-store tools.
    • Additional Discovery

      Your business is included
      in all digital assets to increase
      your business’s exposure.
    • Mobile Integration

      Remind local Belly Members
      to visit your store with
      Passbook’s location alerts.

    The Belly Command Center: Loyalty in your hands.

    • Keep Track Of Your Customers’ Activity

      View and search through Belly Member visits in real-time. View name, time of visit, total visits, points, and redeemed rewards. Plus…

      • Modify an individual Member’s points
      • Verify Reward redemption
      • Ability to acknowledge your top customers
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    • Quickly View Stats from Your Dashboard

      Fully understand your analytics and how your loyalty program is performing. Review customer and business insights. Including…

      • Weekly and total visits
      • New and returning customers
      • Overall loyalty and growth
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    • Manage Program Features

      Customize your loyalty program to fit your needs! Alert your Merchant Success Manager to enable these features at the tap of a button. Such as…

      • Immediately submit support request
      • Turn on/off nighttime tablet security screen
      • Run Double Belly Point promotions
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    • Immediate Support At Your Fingertips

      Want answers right away? Just tap the Help & Support button at the top of the Command Center to notify your Merchant Success Manager. Recieve…

      • Insight about your loyalty program
      • Troubleshooting support
      • More BellyCards!
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      With Belly, you get:

      • A tablet running the Belly app
      • Loyalty cards for your customers
      • A Merchant Success Manager
      • Email marketing and social media integration
      • Customer data at your fingertips
      • The fastest growing loyalty network
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